Press quotes Sliding Sam

- Ranked #1 in paid applications in Belgium (for one week)!

- Sliding Sam won the award "most addicting game of the year 2012" in Reader’s App Awards 2012!

- "Sliding Sam is an adorable puzzle-platformer that takes the best aspect of Line Rider and you can have a lot of fun creating complex pathways for Sam." - SlideToPlay

- "An original and friendly game which will slide to success" - Funtouch

- "This title combines skill and reflection at the junction between Tiny Wings and Cut the Rope and seems destined to a bright future". -

- "If you love puzzle and line-drawing game, Sliding Sam could interest you thanks to its innovative and simple gameplay." -

- "Sliding Sam is a top notch game that easily stands along side Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, and Cut the Rope. Its gameplay is something all together new and exciting. You don’t just interact with the levels, you help define them by drawing lines for the cute penguin to slide along. The artwork looks great and the level design makes for plenty of hour long binges." -